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Stop Harassment and Online Abuses of Women and Girls in The Gambia (SHOAW GAMBIA) announces Partnership with Pan African Health Systems Network Nussloch, Germany (PAHESN)

PAHESN Germany is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to promote evidence-based practice within health systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

PAHESN is organized to optimize public health through the advancement of digital health by methods including, but not limited to: encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration by professionals at the intersection of the global healthcare and technology communities; conducting scientific research and teaching; and promoting the adoption of best practices in digital medicine, all in the public interest.

SHOAW Gambia is a social not for profit that seeks to address the increasing harassment and online abuses of women and girls in The Gambia.

Our VISION is to see that the rights of women and girls are respected and protected both on and off-line.

We believe in promoting access to quality health service through the provision of basic and personal health needs to improve living conditions especially in rural communities. Active participation in the digital space requires a sound and healthy mind to help us use the internet to communicate, work and learn efficiently and effectively. We believe the internet to be a tool for personal growth, communal and national development.

In this light, SHOAW Gambia and PAHESN Germany recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in their efforts to develop and support the cooperation between both institutions in the areas of primary health, and evidence-based health systems strengthening research and implementation strategies.

The main areas of focus for this partnership are:

  • Establish a Community Digital Health Hub to facilitate discussions on standardization processes and quality of digital health interventions for rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, serving as a research and innovation lab.
  • Joint courses, colloquia, and research projects.
  • Establish gender-related issues in health service delivery.
  • It is important to note the poor state of access to health services in rural communities. With quality access being either unaffordable or non-existent. The aforementioned focus areas are key concerns of both institutions, thus, this MOU would only echo our organisations’ commitment to addressing these issues to ease the burden of many individuals and governments in Sub-Saharan Africa.