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SHOAW Gambia's journey to sensitize rural communities on Digital Safety and Cyberbullying

SHOAW Gambia’s sensitization campaign on digital safety and cyberbullying awareness was an intensive three months campaign with the prospect of moving our engagements in the Kombos to the rural communities, raising awareness and to sensitize the younger generation on the importance and harmful effects of the Internet.

The project focused on the trending issues of Cyberbullying and the importance of Digital Safety, giving them a better understanding of the harmful effects these issues have on them as young people and how to better protect themselves when online.

We focused on three key areas for this learning journey to help address these issues as defined in our Project Objective which include the following:

  1. Privacy and Security
  2. Relationships and Communication
  3. Cyberbullying, Digital Drama and Hate Speech

The training was conducted in three (3) regions covering Region 6 (Upper River Region), Region 5 (Central River Region) and Region 3 (North Bank Region) targeting High School/Senior Secondary School Students from Grade 10 to 12.

We worked with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE) in conducting this training as our implementing partner, identifying schools to visit in the three regions to conduct the training. In each region, two (2) schools were selected and 150 Students from each school benefited from this training of which 60% were female and 40% male. Overall, we visited six (6) schools and trained a total number of 950 Students from the three regions.